Carol + Kevin. Beautiful Muskoka Wedding! | Muskoka Wedding Photographer

I am super lucky to have such amazing couples! Carol and Kevin had a beautiful wedding in Muskoka with the reception held at the beautiful Muskoka Golf and Country Club. The day was gorgeous and we got all sorts of lighting conditions! It was amazing.. from overcast to sunny to rain and rainbow and some really sweet dramatic stormy skies and light. Carol and Kevin were every photographer’s dream! 🙂

Guys, your wedding was amazing! Congratulations!

Please enjoy a little sneak peek from your fantastic day and enjoy your honeymoon!

Bride’s Father, Mom and Sister. Bride’s Father seeing her in the wedding dress for the first time… I love their expressions in this photo.. their eyes say so much.

Exchanging of the vows. I think it’s precious to have such intimate and special moments captured forever.. Those two are so in love!

The happy married couple is leaving the church and everyone is celebrating and blowing bubbles! So much fun!

The bride and groom then took a boat ride to the reception place! I was in the boat next to them making sure that every moment of their happiness is captured for them to cherish forever!

Please meet the bridal party! Everyone looked amazing!

The very happy bride and groom..

And the beautiful light…

I always try to take the couple out for some night photography at the end of the day..

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